Date: November 15, 2012

Author: JT

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What I’ve Read Lately: Think Like a Futurist

Refreshing. A book that does not follow today’s push to be ‘innovative’ just to snag attention because of the current hot trending keyword. Matter of fact, Cecily Sommers’ book works to get us away from simply identifying and going for a ride on the latest trend(s) in our respective industries.

Think Like a Futurist is a good read for anyone struggling with how to move their organization forward. Business leaders, product and program managers, service providers will all find the concepts Cecily introduces to be well laid-out with a reasonable amount of supporting content.

Date: May 4, 2012

Author: JT

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What I’ve Read Lately: The Innovative Team

“The Innovative Team,” studies the challenges limiting teams’ ability to be as creative, as innovative, as they truly can be.

Perhaps foremost a book on communication, it is one that will remain on my shelf for a future re-read when facing team creativity challenges in the future.