Who Owns the Pricing?

A frequent discussion in product management circles is: Who owns product prices at the time of sale?  When Sales is negotiating a deal, and it’s time to look at making pricing adjustments, who makes, who owns, the decision? Early on, before the first product ‘unit’ is ever sold, a price model is developed.  This is a core function of product management and a component of the business model.  Making 10…

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Date: May 22, 2012

Author: JT

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Cleaning Up Nasty Messes

What do you do?
It is a popular question. You hear it at networking events. Pops up in email from contacts that were perhaps not updated frequently enough. From friends. Even your Pastor.

For me, I enjoy having my finger in many pies, wearing many hats. It does not matter where I am in an organization, horizontally or hierarchically. I tend to do the same thing: I fix problems.

Or, I did :). Now, I realize I clean up messes…

Constraints Add Color to Your Life

Simply having constraints can improve your creativity, challenge you to do your best. In the case of an automatic camera, removing the automation serves to sharpen your focus on getting the picture right.

What constraints do you set before yourself? Which constraints in your life, perhaps placed there with intent, make your life more colorful, more rewarding as a result?