What I’ve Read Lately: Connecting Organizational Silos

ESN. It’s yet another new acronym you need to learn: Enterprise Social Network. Here, JT provides his review of this book.

The short take: It’s a must-read for your corporate ESN team. It strikes a nice balance and is the first book he’s read that can almost act as ‘primer’ for the entire process.

Date: September 27, 2012

Author: JT

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When Two Unyielding Forces Collide

The crux of the problem is where the two cross. If we are no longer effectively listening, and, we are certain we are right (actively avoiding being wrong), we have lost the ability to…learn.

We stop learning, stop being able to overcome adversity, because we are no longer ale to recognize that perhaps, just perhaps, we are wrong, that we need to change.

Sticking to Your Knitting is Not Competitive

As we’re all aware, in today’s world simply sticking to your knitting is tantamount to a slow fall backward. Sticking to your knitting, may be viewed as staying the course and following a prescribed strategy. Yet I think ‘sticking to your knitting’ is in the process of being, well, redefined.

As I read through a number of articles and commentary this week, all coincidental in their timing, the notion of strategic development through experimentation came across loud and clear. …and it’s not just single-point success.