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What I’ve Read Lately: Why People Fail

Why People Fail is actually a twist on words. It could just as easily been titled along the lines of How to Be Successful. Siimon provides an easily read book that highlights 16 key points underlying how people set themselves up to fail.

Step by step, Siimon discusses ways readers can incrementally work to improve themselves, from self-image, through proper health and exercise, to rituals and persistence…to name a few.

How To: Get Your Sales Team Onboard with SaaS

Your Sales team is where your company’s efforts meet the world. They’re where the rubber meets the road. Your organizations efforts can live, or die, based on the performance of your Sales team. The happier they are, the more positive they feel, the more confident they are in your offerings, the better they sell. And the better revenue flows.

But what if the apple cart gets upset?

This is a challenge currently facing a lot of companies, particularly in the B2B (business-to-business) space. As SaaS offerings become more common-place, traditional software sales models are being upset.