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Product Manager Seeking to Involve Internal Customers?

Product managers have a challenging role. They are the keeper of the dream for the product(s) they’re charged with giving direction to. They distill input from a range of sources; delve into research and marketing studies; look at competitors’ offerings; and, craft the dream, the strategy, for everyone to follow.

One of the most challenging groups to capture feedback from, are Internal Stakeholders. Here are some thoughts on how to be more successful at it.

Fuel Surcharges Make Crapper Proud

Thomas Crapper, you know him, he’s one of your best friends. He’s the the guy that made getting rid of dodgers popular. Well, there’s a modern day dodger that needs flushing.

What’s my beef? The problem with fuel surcharges is that it’s a poor attempt by companies to try removing one of the 4P’s from consideration. They’re trying to fool everyone.