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JT Pedersen
JT Pedersen

Quality: It’s More Important than Quantity

The quality you—elect—to provide your customer speaks to the nature of—relationship—you plan to have with that customer.

What businesses need to get back to is understanding that the quality of interaction forms the bedrock upon which future relationships are formed. Treat your customers as a commodity, they’ll treat you the same.

4 Ways iBooks is One of iPad’s Best Apps

For those of you having followed me a while, you know I do a fair number of book reviews. In the interest of continual self-improvement I am constantly reading new books. Shortly after I finish each (business) book I generally post a review.

My favorite tool streamlining the process is iPad’s reader application. Elegantly implemented, simple to use, iBooks is more than ‘just a reader’ application. It is also a tool you can leverage to really make life easier.