Here’s How Public Speaking Rocks!

Absolutely! Being able to speak publicly can just rock.  I hear you groaning already. We’ve both heard, public speaking is Public Fear #1. #2, Death.  If you had to pick one over the other, would you really prefer to be, well, dead, instead of talking to your friends? Therein lies the real rub, doesn’t it?  When you think of public speaking, do you view it as speaking to your friends? …

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Date: April 17, 2012

Author: JT

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Not Comfy, Feeling Uncomfortable?

When was the last time you felt uncomfortable? Not because you bum itched. Uncomfortable because of a new change at work or you’re being asked to think differently than you have before.

Many of us have areas in our lives, personally and professionally, where we are very comfortable. And, there are others, outside our areas of strength or proficiency, that make us want to skirt them, fly past wherever possible, and return right back to our comfort zones.