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What’s the Difference: Project Manager vs. Product Manager?

In general, most people and organizations understand what a project manager’s role is. However the product manager’s role can vary wildly from one organization, from one industry, to the next. The role also varies by size of an organization.

JT shares his perspective, in a format suitable for use during casual discussion.

How Long, Before You’re Legitimately Experienced?

This is a question you probably have asked yourself, at some point in your life. Odds are you have asked the question more than once. Once for each new job, each new profession, each new…

The question tends to be ‘professionally’ oriented when it is being asked. How long until you can consider yourself an experienced…whatever it is you are?

Quality: It’s More Important than Quantity

The quality you—elect—to provide your customer speaks to the nature of—relationship—you plan to have with that customer.

What businesses need to get back to is understanding that the quality of interaction forms the bedrock upon which future relationships are formed. Treat your customers as a commodity, they’ll treat you the same.