Date: April 13, 2012

Author: JT

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What I’ve Read Lately: ACTIONS Against Distractions

A few weeks ago, Geraldine Markel asked me to review her book. The focus, fighting distractions, is a war near and dear to me. I am constantly fighting it.

My review of ACTIONS, should help you determine it’s value for you, my reader. It can help uncover symptoms, consequences, as well as develop effective -actions- for dealing with them.

Date: March 30, 2012

Author: JT

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What Does Coaching Do for You?

Its one of those little unspoken secrets. It’s probably right up there with publicly discussion your salary, an ex-spouse, or venereal disease. Very few people publicly acknowledge making use of coaching.

My expectation is that many fear it will reflect negatively upon them. If you’re a senior leader, perhaps there is fear that to admit coaching is to admit a weakness. Of course, in highly competitive environments, such as in C-suite, it might also be viewed as a competitive secret!