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Why Must It Be Done "This" Way?

Have you ever stopped, thought, and asked yourself the question? When I consult with companies this is a common type of thinking that is often lacking.

The reasons for doing something a certain way often change over time. Frequently the justification completely disappears. Yet, if no one asks, “…why must it be done this way?” the activity or way of thinking often continues unabated. We see it all the time.

How We Choose to Define Ourselves

For many of us, choosing how to define ourselves has proven elusive for longer than we’d like. For me, clarity, true comfort even with who I am, only really came to light in recent years.

Every day life can be dull, boring, something from which to escape. Defining who you are, the direction you choose to take, is to put your head on the chopping block. Someone will take a swing at you. But without fear there can be no courage, and we all need courage in order to succeed.

What Ethic, Myths, & Suffrage Have in Common

The basic guide posts by which we have framed social values are being outpaced by societal development. Might it be that the very stories our families needed themselves, to be passed down to their offspring, no longer serve as bedrocks upon which to build?

If the very myths society has anchored itself around are no longer followed, might their values and ethics also no longer have a defined meaning, a place in our world? Might we be at risk of becoming a lost society? And, that is why we find ourselves needing ethics courses?

Sticking to Your Knitting is Not Competitive

As we’re all aware, in today’s world simply sticking to your knitting is tantamount to a slow fall backward. Sticking to your knitting, may be viewed as staying the course and following a prescribed strategy. Yet I think ‘sticking to your knitting’ is in the process of being, well, redefined.

As I read through a number of articles and commentary this week, all coincidental in their timing, the notion of strategic development through experimentation came across loud and clear. …and it’s not just single-point success.