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How Your Three Competitive Levers Define You

There are three primary levers available to steer your product or service competitively. As a service business, they may be Cost, Offerings, and Service. True, whether your business is cutting hair; being a clown; or, making real estate photography images.

These three levers are often used to define the three corners of the Iron Triangle.

New Biz Owners: Why You Need Focused Marketing

This is a topic that comes up frequently, no matter the market. Whether you’re in photography, social media, web design, nuclear power plant design, or selling new or used cars: You need to focus your marketing efforts.

All too frequently, new business owners want to promote themselves broadly, talking to everyone who will listen. On one hand, this is understandable. You just never know who might send future business your way. And that’s what you’re after. Right?

When Two Unyielding Forces Collide

The crux of the problem is where the two cross. If we are no longer effectively listening, and, we are certain we are right (actively avoiding being wrong), we have lost the ability to…learn.

We stop learning, stop being able to overcome adversity, because we are no longer ale to recognize that perhaps, just perhaps, we are wrong, that we need to change.