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New, the next big thing. The next thing you have, or will, start.  Not yesterday’s work, not last week’s with yet another new task to finish. No, something absolutely completely New.

jtpedersen_321 Ignite_start_New_inspirationIf you start something New, what is it that makes it meaningful to you? Does it represent something simply stimulating your mind? Or does it represent something big, massive, sizable, that is a big risk and will change your life forever?  Do you know? Have you thought about it?

Ok, there are a lot of questions there. I ask them in part because I am curious whether you consciously thought through what is you have or are undertaking, or whether you just whimsically undertook the ‘new’ challenge.  After all, some of us are predisposed to leap into new things, others are driven to ‘facilitate’ while others are driven to finish things.  As David duChemin puts it, to be done.

For me, one of the major new, potentially life changing, things I have done this year, was to launch another business.  Torben Photography is proving to be a creative outlet for me.  It lets me start, do, and be done, with discrete projects more quickly than those I encounter at 321 Ignite!.

This topic of ‘New’ has some amount of tie-in with an article I wrote, there, “Exploring Your Own Backyard.”  It is easy to get stuck in a rut, to become comfortable, complacent, in doing those things that require no change, nothing new. We get up in the morning, repeat a handful of things that have already been solved, and then conclude our day.

If we are not careful, then somewhere along the way we lose the little kid that was in us so many years ago.  I see this in my own children as they grow, they form their own ruts (uh, I mean ‘routines’) and gradually become inflexible.

But, you know what the neat things is? Life has a funny way of smacking us up-side the head, resetting our clocks, and erasing the ruts.

For many people, the recession, the past 5 years since late ‘08, their clocks have been cleaned.  Some people, sooner than others, see this for what it is.  Rather than blindly clinging to what was once before, they see the need for change. The need for New!

Regardless of how grand the scale, whether its deciding to have a child, remodel your home, find a new career, or whatever it may be, remember to put your head up once in a while.  Take a good look around.

Is it time for something New, today?

jtpedersen_321 Ignite_explode_New_inspiration

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