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Why Do I Use Visualizations in Articles?
Why Do I Use Visualizations in Articles?

Why Do I Use Visualizations in Articles?

Thought now is a good time to discuss why I use different visualizations in my online articles.  The question comes up periodically.  While the reasons seem obvious, to me, it is clear not everyone has a similar perspective.  So, let’s take a few minutes and consider basic reasons.

Earlier this week, the topic was raised at a Knights of the Marketing Roundtable (#komr) meeting.  The evening’s discussion focused around why images matter?  Clearly, they’ve heard the same questions.  They proposed 4 basic reasons: To tell a story; to explain; to personalize; and, to persuade.  Certainly, those are solid reasons.

Poking around, I found a number of other good discussions online:

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Why Use Pictures In Your Articles?

Why Use Pictures in Your Articles? (Same title, different article)

From my perspective these are many of the same reasons I like to include imagery of one sort or another.  But my own day-to-day drive is far simpler.  Matter of fact, it comes down to these core reasons:

Break up all that bloody text.
If too much contiguous text is wearing on me; I assume it is wearing on you, too.

Pictures are easier to remember.
jtpedersen_321 Ignite_Tigger_WhyYou may not remember my dog’s name. But you probably remember the picture.  You may even remember the site (so you can find it again).

They are one more reason to visit.
Occasionally, I hear a comment like, “I’m blown away by some of the pictures you use.”  The sentiment is appreciated though, to be sure, I’m hardly running a competitive photo gallery here.  But if the pictures are of sufficient quality that you remember them, remember the articles they’re tied to, you remember me, then they have more than done their job.

Using pictures is Fun!
jtpedersen_karl_321 Ignite_Why ImageryWell, at least for me.  I really enjoy using imagery.

Since day one, almost every article has included an image (I say ‘almost’, because I’m sure there’s an exception, somewhere).

They’re fun to dig up, to select, and to share.  Some are my own though most are not.

Sometimes, it is as simple as wanting to share something of me, with you.

Sometimes, the pictures just make you wonder.  As in, why’s this corner referred to as the Dead Peckers’ Corner?

jtpedersen_321 Ignite_Dead Peckers Corner

Don’t know about you, but I still like picture books.  How about you?  Why do you like to see images?

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