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What I’ve Read Lately: Bring Your Superpowers to Work
What I’ve Read Lately: Bring Your Superpowers to Work

What I’ve Read Lately: Bring Your Superpowers to Work

"Bring your Superpowers to Work"
by:  Darcy Eikenberg

ISBN-10: 0983987408
ISBN-13: 978-0983987406

Cover-Bring-Your-Superpowers-to-Work320h-199x300Pulling Bring Your Superpowers to Work out of the envelope it arrived in, left an impression: Oh boy, I can hear the comments already…  Sure enough, before the book left the house, my eldest daughter was already commenting.

While the book’s nature conveys a very light, positive attitude, its focus is corporate America.  To help serious people feel more comfortable toting the book around, a more, umm, suitable cover might have been designed.  Perhaps a person in a dark blue power suit with bright red cape?  Just a thought for the second edition.

Darcy’s book takes an unabashed look at what holds so many back from performing to their fullest.  Like, the Three Little Lies: "It will be too hard."  "I’m too busy."  "I’m too lazy to make the effort."  Tying these together is another common catch-all: Fear.

This short, 112 pp. book starts right off with looking at what holds us back. Quickly moving toward focusing on the positives.  How we can move forward by focusing on Clarity, Confidence, and Control.  From there, it moves right into discussing what your Superpowers may be.  In this vein, Darcy’s book is catching the current wave of focusing, less on your weaknesses, more on leveraging your strengths.

Once you have a grip on what your superpowers may be, the next focus is on using them at work.  She provides a number of suggestions for doing so.  She also discusses, once you’ve made the commitment to improving things, how to stay on course.

The book is a quick, light read, that is enjoyable.  Most of us have ‘been there’ at some point.  Not as happy as we could be, not as excited, perhaps dreading going to work.  We’ve heard many of the things the book discusses, but being reminded (and in a fresh format) can be very useful.

It should be noted, this book serves as a display for Darcy’s consulting activities and related website (  The book frequently encourages the reader to visit the site for bonus content and extra content.

You will get the most out of this book, if you are:

  • Considering hiring Darcy as a consultant;
  • Struggling with your satisfaction, your mission, your enthusiasm at work; or,
  • Relatively early in your career. Darcy covers views that many only learn years later in life.

(In the interest of disclosure, a copy was provided for my review by the publisher.  No monetary or other consideration exists.)

JT Pedersen


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