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What I’ve Read Lately: The Trustworthy Leader
What I’ve Read Lately: The Trustworthy Leader

What I’ve Read Lately: The Trustworthy Leader

"The Trustworthy Leader: Leveraging the Power of Trust to Transform Your Organization"
by: Amy Lyman
ISBN: 978-0-470-59628-9

The Trustworthy Leader is a good, solid book.  As a leader, or someone aspiring to be a leader, the book can provide constructive guidance for those questioning their values, feeling adrift, or wondering, ‘why is it so hard to get people to follow me?’

If you have been brought up with strong ethics, good morals, and are inclined toward being a positively-oriented people person, it will not hold many surprises.

Amy Lyman has crafted a message defining what it is to be a ‘trustworthy’ leader and the impact on a team or organization.  Amy also provides constructive discussion for how to look at yourself, how you conduct yourself, and suggestions for how to improve.

As a Christian, someone who is hardly perfect yet believes in strong values, the book spoke to my own beliefs in leadership.  Raised in a church-going family, the ideas were familiar to me so I didn’t find the book as consuming as I might have otherwise.

Instead, the key strengths in this 202 page book (for me) lay in the wealth of interviews, case studies, and their richness found within.  CEOs of well-known corporations, from REI to Gore, Scripps Healthcare to Perkins Coie, and (my favorite) Stew Leonard’s, opened their souls.  They demonstrated their own value structures, showed what they believe in, and how they work to help their teams be able to share those same values.

This book may be best, for Leaders who:

  • Are struggling to steady their leadership compass;
  • Wonder why their teams do not seem to trust them; or,
  • Are looking for ways to help their teams share their values.


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