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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

jtpedersen_crazy baby_newI’m tickled to have all of you with me as we venture into this new year. Thank you, to each of you, my readers and subscribers, for having been with me in 2011.

You have probably already noticed, JTPEDERSEN.NET’s seen significant change over the past week or so.  It was time.  Nearly 3 years since the last major refresh, it seems almost everything continued to evolve.

Most of you won’t be interested in gory details, so I’ll keep it light.  The prior theme had issues.  It served its purpose but, using an older architecture, it just couldn’t keep up with all the changes going on around it.  Now, I’m using a new platform (Genesis Platform) that will let me keep infrastructure and cosmetic layers separate, allowing continual updates moving forward.

And, since I didn’t have enough fun for last week, this week, also moved to a new ISP.

If you have an opinion on the new site (looks, functionality, whatever), please leave a comment.

Over time, I have evolved through three different email subscription services.  I plan to consolidate on just one for a while.  For the next couple weeks I will be evaluating Feedburner.  If you want to try it out with me, go ahead.  Use the new Email Newsletter sign-up widget to the right. Let me know what you think.

If you are receiving my posts by email, via AWeber, I anticipate migrating you to the new service.  More on this later.  Just know I’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

So, now its time to get on with the Show!  I’m eager to  get back to writing, sharing my thoughts with you.  New posts, on their way real soon.



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