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What I’ve Read Lately: The Anywhere Leader
What I’ve Read Lately: The Anywhere Leader

What I’ve Read Lately: The Anywhere Leader

“The Anywhere Leader”
by: Mike Thompson
ISBN: 978-1-118-00234-6

imageThis book is for leaders and managers (aspiring leaders) continuing to look for ways to survive in our never ending, ever faster world.  In short: Good book. Enjoyed it.  Found it was inline with many of the issues contemporary business leaders increasingly face every day.

In The Anywhere Leader, Mike Thompson’s written a book that suggests, just possibly, he could pick up in the shoes of the late Eliyahu Goldratt.  He’s written in from a somewhat vulnerable, self-deprecating perspective.  The effect is for readers to relate more readily, to see this isn’t some consultant who takes himself too seriously.

That is actually a recurring reminder:  Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Custom would suggest referring to the author by his last name, for this book I prefer Mike.  Mike addresses so many issues that I’ve personally struggled with at different times.  Such as how to effectively unplug yourself from a 24 hour role?  He discusses first hand how he’s come to grips with ‘kind of’ unplugging.  Short answer: Be plugged in or be unplugged—no in-between.  You can’t ‘kind of’ unplug.  When it comes time to recharge your batteries, you can’t do it if you’re still taking calls.

Another favorite of mine is the notion of the balanced life.  He straight-forwardly shuns the notion: it can’t be done.  It simply isn’t possible to manage your life as though it were eight equally sized pieces, rotating between family, church, work, and so on.  The size of the slices change as you move through your days, weeks, months.  The key is to pay attention, know when you need to change what you’re focusing on, and then do that: focus on that slice.

What I really liked most, was how Mike openly addressed so many issues many of us would (I have at times) kept hidden.  How do others approach their ‘24 hr’ days? How do they balance things?  What worked three years ago (let alone 15-20) is barely viable, what does viable even ‘look like’ today?  Mike’s addressed these from both his personal perspective, as well as professional (based on surveys, studies, and consulting experience).

If you struggle with how to adjust to keep up with today’s business world, consider grabbing a copy to read.  Mike’s work will be worth your time.

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