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Where Does Social Media Belong In Your Org?
Where Does Social Media Belong In Your Org?

Where Does Social Media Belong In Your Org?

imageJohn Lynch (@DigitalMinister) raised this question recently, after having read, “Where should social media sit within your organization?”  This is a question I’m sure many of you may have as well.

There is a very comprehensive book, “Open Leadership,” by Charlene Li ( that directly addresses the topic. If you’re even remotely worried, or perhaps just curious, about how social media really can work within your space, you need to get a copy to read.

If I were ‘forced’ to pick a home for ‘social media’, without knowing anything of the given organization, I would probably pick Marketing as well. However introducing Social Media into your organization (as Charlene speaks to) is about much more than ‘who does this SM thing report to?’

One key item Cara brings out, that I wholeheartedly agree with, is this: You need to know what your objective(s) may be, before you get started. In a world of communication transparency, at a minimum, standards for how employees engage with SM need to be defined. SM has benefits that (can) far outstrip the value of email, or other sponsored forms of corporate communication–yet carry many of the same risks (e.g. in litigation).

In the end, it’s like someone asking, “What should I include in my resume?” Once you’ve set a direction, the answer begins to become clear, quickly.

(photo credit: Marcus Corner)


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