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Worry Less About What You Do Less Best
Worry Less About What You Do Less Best

Worry Less About What You Do Less Best

I came across this well-written parable today, “Let the Rabbits Run.”  I encourage you to take a minute and read it.

Ok, if you didn’t, the gist is a discussion of how we spend so much of our lives, focused on what we’re not so good at, at the expense of what we excel at.

There have almost certainly been times where both you and I could relate.

Last night, coincidentally, I also just watched Company Men.  It’s a movie about a company downsizing dramatically in ‘08/’09, focusing on the impact on the lives of 3 or 4 individuals, focusing on Ben Affleck’s character.  Ben does a really good job playing the part.  In too many ways it has paralleled my own life and of many others I suspect.  Even the husband/wife discussions were as if taped between my wife and I.

At the end, Ben Affleck comments about how for most of his life, he’d always been running, feeling scared, been afraid (of younger, faster, better, ‘whatever’) of others, and a range of feelings similar to many, I’m sure.

So, Here’s to doing best, what each of us does best, and worry a bit less about what we do less best.


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