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Initiate. Start. Go. Do. Repeat.
Initiate. Start. Go. Do. Repeat.

Initiate. Start. Go. Do. Repeat.

start-button-jtpedersenYou’ve probably heard some variation of Woody Allen’s quote, “80 percent of success is just showing up.”  It means you had to do something many others won’t.

In recent books and articles I’ve been reading:

  • Seth Godin: In, “Linchpin,” he repeatedly reminds everyone to ship! If you want to be recognized for something you have to have shipped something.  In, “Poke the Box,” Seth again prods us to ship things, to initiate.
  • David Allen: “Getting Things Done,” is all about organizing your life so as to improve productivity—and decrease stress.  A key tool: Next Actions.  What is a Next Action? It’s something you initiate, start, do, did.
  • Harvey Mackay’s current Weekly Column (formerly at Mackay’s Moral: You can’t win the race if you never start.
  • Chris Brogan & Julien Smith: Trust Agents has a section at the end of each chapter, “Actions:…” Throughout, you see references to constantly contributing (doing); making your own rules (initiating); execute (do something, anything, but do something).

A number of friends have commented about my having ‘started blogging,’ and wished they could as well.  You know, it started, one step at a time.  I figured out ‘what’ it was, ‘how’ I wanted to approach it, and then I ‘wrote’ the first one.  Each article’s like walking toward town: one, after another, after another, after…  One day, still hiking, I look behind me to go, “…well, it actually looks like I’ve accomplished something.”  Then go write another…

So, let me encourage you: Whatever it is you want to do, whatever it might be you’ve been afraid of doing, whatever your dream might be: Start. Initiate. Do it. Now.

Note: No monetary interests; links purely for reader convenience.

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  1. Deb

    JT, with having an “Activator” strength on StrengthFinder 2.0 (And Now, Discover Your Strengths) – in my top 5, this caught my eye. It is SO true.

    Getting to DID, in a world filled with possibilities and rich tools is a challenge, especially for someone like me who like to inhale it all, who is a INPUT junkie (another of my top 5, heh.)

    The key me and possibly for those of us input junkies out there, is this questions: What are your top three things that you love, have the capacity & skill to do, and can bring you both happiness + success?

    One conversation I’m currently having is with a coaching community where a central view is that happiness is natural. However, designing our success is a key life task, one where coaches often dwell to help their clients get clear.

    So I’ll add, what resources do you need to fully realize your success? What capacity do you have within, and what do you partner to get or hire out? Your strategic alliances can make all the difference in the world from getting from Initiate to Did. I’d also add a favorite question and quote: “Is Reflection an Action Step?” — Peter Block.

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