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What’s This? The Best is Yet to Come?
What’s This? The Best is Yet to Come?

What’s This? The Best is Yet to Come?

“The best is yet to come,” according to Congressman Pence.  Definitely a change from our being in the ‘new normal’ or apologizing for our past and who we are.

Monday, I had the opportunity to hear Congressman Mike Pence, Indiana (R), speak at the Detroit Economic Club.  The DEC has been a venue for a wide range of politicians, presidents, and speakers of note to present their ideas.  So finding yet another Congressman speaking at the venue was not a surprise—especially as potential 2012 presidential candidates begin putting themselves out for examination.

You can read the speech if you are so inclined.  The prepared comments are available, here.

As Congressman Pence spoke, there are a few basic things I liked:

First, was his high-level view of what we need to do in America, the acronym conveniently enough is START:

  • Sound monetary policy;
  • Tax relief and reform;
  • Access to American energy;
  • Regulatory reform;
  • Trade

In contrast to the current President’s campaign strategy consisting solely of ‘change,’ I appreciated having an idea of where Mr. Pence is coming from and what he thinks we should be doing moving forward.

He drew an analogy of the US compared to the two Berlins after a trip in 1977. “Standing in West Berlin I saw the energy, bustling streets and glass towers of a big city built on freedom and free market economics.”  Compared to, “…the dour reality of Soviet controlled East Berlin.

“The buildings were drab – concrete block tenement structures.  Damage from World War II was still evident in many buildings.  The cars were vintage 1950’s and people all seemed to be wearing the same colorless apparel. It was a gray, harsh reality.

“In that moment, I saw the difference between East and West, between a free market economy and a planned economy run by the state. Freedom and personal responsibility contrasted with socialism and decline.”

This supported what I felt was his second key point, one I’ve believed myself, “America is on that wall between West and East.”  It’s not too late, but we need to decide—and act—to choose the future we want.

What I liked most regardless of the party he represents?  Mike is the first politician, first potential national leader I have heard recently, speak to America’s timeless ideals, of American exceptionalism.  It is time we get out of the 70s era malaise we’ve been in, roll up our sleeves, and get back to the business at hand.  I thought it was great, for a change, to hear a leader state that our best days are yet to come.  Instead of apologizing for who and what we are.



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