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Open For Business: 4.98 Follow Up
Open For Business: 4.98 Follow Up

Open For Business: 4.98 Follow Up

The minimum transaction charge is gone. The intent was never to hurt customers at all.

Last week, I wrote an article, “Is it really worth it: $4.98.”  A short recap, Two Brothers Coffee had introduced a $4.98 minimum charge for all plasticized transactions.  The article discussed the merits behind doing so from both consumer and merchant perspectives.  There was a fair amount of response, both on and off line, on the topic.

In talking with Jim Jim Starnes, he emphasized the intent was never to hurt customers at all.  After receiving feedback, the charge, which had been in place for 2-3 days, was eliminated.

I would like to commend Jim on a two fronts.  First, was his attention to his customers and their interests.  He could have easily ignored them.  Jim’s decision to eliminate the charge is appreciated and affirms his customer-centric interests.

Second, was Jim’s own Comment in response to the article.  Social media continues to frustrate even the largest of businesses.  Some are comfortable working within it while others are not.  It’s great that Jim was comfortable replying in kind and expressing his own views.

Two Brothers Coffee: Thank you.  As it happens, I’ll be there this afternoon for a meeting and look forward to seeing you.

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