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Today. You. Lead.
Today. You. Lead.

Today. You. Lead.

imageEvery year we are each provided any number of opportunities to grab the reins, set a direction, and lead.  No single opportunity is more clearly put before us than Election Day.

We have all had our opportunity to grouse over how poorly ‘the other guy/gal’ has done in office.  Perhaps you’ve spent hours in coffee shops talking with your friends, coworkers, colleagues, about the current situation.  I have…it adds up over time you know:).

Now, its your turn to do something about it.  If you haven’t already (I praise those of us who have), get up, head to your precinct, and vote.  Go On!

You better do it, and I’ll tell you why.  Because if you haven’t made the effort to go vote, to freely exercise your choice, to take a role in active leadership, then don’t complain to me tomorrow about how someone didn’t win, how things are still the way they are.  You haven’t earned the right.

There are those who would strip us of our rights, whittle them away one at a time.  Now is your time to do your part.  I don’t care which party you choose to support, which individuals, which ideas—this is the United States of America.  I do care if you abandon your right, your obligation, to go VOTE!

Go On! Do it!

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