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Are You a Leader or Manager?
Are You a Leader or Manager?

Are You a Leader or Manager?

image It is interesting to see how it seems most people treat the words ‘leader’ and ‘manager’ interchangeably.  You have seen this, haven’t you?

My definitions:

  • Manager
    Person who (through positional authority) controls and/or directs the actions of others. The goals or objectives of those in question is defined by ‘others.’
  • Leader
    Person who (often without any positional authority) motivates, encourages, and inspires the actions of others. Leaders often create goals or objectives for those who follow them.

Quite often, organizations have a lot of ‘managers’ and very few ‘leaders.’ How many of the ‘leaders’, uh ‘AKA’ ‘managers’, have you seen lack at least one very fundamental component of leadership: Trust?  (I expand on the topic here.)

A leader has to trust his or her team members.  Trust them to play their role, do their part.  A customer sales call is one of the clearest examples where managers distinguish themselves as not being a leader.  Consider, as a sales manager…

You attend client meetings; dominate your team’s side of the discussion; and, do not trust your salesperson to continue their relationship building/sales process in your presence without meddling.  If you do, you’re not only a ‘manager,’ but a weak one.

One of the greatest signs of respect, can be allowing your sales team to—do their job—without feeling the need to take center stage. Your team will appreciate it and think more highly of you.  And, the customer will think more of you both.

Have you any of your own examples to share?

(photo credit: George Georgiades)

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