Date: July 16, 2010

Author: JT

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Tigger's 10 Steps for Obtaining Celebrity

image Today, feel like loosening up a bit. Maybe I’ll post a more-serious blog post today…and then again…maybe I won’t:).  For those closest to me, you’re likely aware there’s a much-awaited new member to my family.  Tigger is a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (GSMD), or Swissy for short, coming to us from Wildest Dream Farm.  At 15 weeks, she’s already clocking over 35 lbs and has been an absolute pleasure.

More than prior puppies I’ve had, Tigger has an incredible ability to attract followers and become a local celebrity.  Some of her litter mates have inquired as to how she’s been able to attract such fanfare.

According to Tigger herself, here are her Top-10 steps for obtaining celebrity :)

  1. Look cute
  2. Find high-traffic areas; like corner coffee shops, store entrances
  3. Frequent, repeated visits, so they know to expect you
  4. Video spots, YouTube can help
  5. Social media participation – Facebook posts are good. Fan page
    probably over the top though.
  6. Post pics to Flickr
  7. No biting, minimal barking—not a problem for us Swissies
  8. Posturing (sitting puppy, puppy’down-head between paws, tail wagging)
  9. Occasional bathing for lustrous gotta-touch coat.
  10. Have a nut-job for an owner
  11. BONUS: This is the big one—Love others as much as they love you!

Hope you’re ready for a Grrreat! weekend,


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