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11 Things To Do—If You’re Only Allowed 5 Hours a Day
11 Things To Do—If You’re Only Allowed 5 Hours a Day

11 Things To Do—If You’re Only Allowed 5 Hours a Day

image I was catching up on blogs today…been away from my reading awhile…and saw one of Seth Godin’s dozens of philosophical questions.  The crux of his article was about doing indispensable work and cheating the clock.  We face more distractions, greater demands, more complex lives than ever before—nothing new there at all.  You also cannot work more than 24 hours in a day.  Too many folks work 10-12 hours a day, or, at least they’re ‘there’ that long.

One of his questions struck me as being worth discussing with my readers: What If…you were only allowed 5 hours a day to do your job?

Here are some suggestions:

Shorten, the default time increment in your calendaring app from :30 to :15 minutes

  • Increase, the time between inbox refreshes to :30 minutes.
  • Make time to develop and share agendas for planned meetings
  • Review ‘recurring events’.’
    • Reconsider which ‘regular’ meetings to keep attending, and why.
    • Do you need to be there the whole time…
  • Focus on relationships, meet more people, preferably face-to-face, but through any medium possible otherwise
  • Practice saying No a bit more often.  Or, rather than ‘no,’ let them know when you can help (perhaps 6 weeks from now)
  • Be pleasant, recognize the need for, but trim excessive pleasantries in phone calls
  • Manage email effectively – use filters (by color, by topic, by sender, by prioirty…whatever makes sense)
  • Stay focused. Multi-tasking’s a myth.
  • Take a break.
  • Go home.  Seriously.  At some point, putting in ‘more time’ simply doesn’t matter. And, no one wants face time with you if your cheeks can’t curl you lips upward anymore<g>.

What do you think? I encourage you to add some of your own thoughts.  If you had your work day trimmed to 5 hours, what would you immediately start doing differently?

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