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Boldly. Brightly. Clearly State: I believe…
Boldly. Brightly. Clearly State: I believe…

Boldly. Brightly. Clearly State: I believe…

Recently I came across a fellow, Simon Sinek, whose mission in life is to find, nurture, and inspire leaders.  What I came across, was his presentation at TED.  In this particular discussion, he highlights why some companies, some leaders, are so much more effective than others in building loyalty, drive, motivation.

To borrow from some of his thunder, he posits that most organizations—most people for that matter—know what they do, they know how they do it, but never even stop to think about Why they do it.

I have spoken on the topic of Why, The Power of Why!, before.  In some ways, while the focus is different, the value of asking (or being able to answer) ‘why’ is important.

The The Power of Why!, I take a look at Mr. Ohno’s drive toward asking the question Why to drive toward true understanding.  After all, we can discuss the symptomatic issues surrounding an oil pump’s failure.  But not until you drill into the matter might you find true reasoning.

And, like layers of an onion, this is the same concept Simon’s talking to.  At the end of the day, why we join hands with someone is very closely tied to why they are doing something.

What Simon is highlighting, without so directly stating it, is that to be an effective leader you must be willing to bare your soul.  If you really want people to follow you, to adopt your beliefs, to go the extra mile, you must be willing to boldly, brightly, clearly state: I believe

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