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What I’ve Read Lately: Never Eat Alone
What I’ve Read Lately: Never Eat Alone

What I’ve Read Lately: Never Eat Alone

“Never Eat Alone”
by: Keith Ferrazzi
ISBN: 0-385-51205-8

A note to my father:

Hey Dad,

I can’t recall if I bought this, you gave it to me, or what. But having finished reading it, thought I’d share some thoughts with you.

For one, the title caused me to pass it by in favor of other books for quite a while. After all, just what I needed, another ‘networking’ book, but focused on making sure you took someone to lunch every day. Short story, not sure I need to read 300 pages on the topic. Having done so now, I’m pleased to have read it–should’ve done it sooner.

Keith has written one of my favorite books on the mechanics, personal experiences of connecting with others. He openly shares his knowledge and, as important, his most embarrassing mistakes too. Some I can really relate to, others I’m glad to have sidestepped, yet others serve as good warnings into the future.

Ferrazzi’s woven perhaps the most complete tapestry of its type in a down to earth fashion that everyone can benefit from. It helped I had already come to be in line with some of his thinking–being successful is less about title, income, and position. Successful, being happy, is more about the value of relationships with the people you know, how you can help them, how you can be both mentor and mentee.

Posting a review on Amazon, I find myself wishing they provided more of a ranking system, rather than the simple Recommend Yes/No option presented. On a scale of 1-5, I’d give this a 5.



  1. Brett Borsvold

    I too fall for the trap of not reading books soon enough because of their topic, even after buying or receiving them. I like this review, I’ve always been weary of reading up on networking but now that I’m on a study abroad I’m learning day-in and day-out just how important it is. I find networking to be something I always need to work on both in quantity and quality; from approach to reflection. I’ll have to look that book up next time I’m in the bookstore.

    1. JT

      Hello Brett,

      Thanks for your note. I actually, coincidental to the author’s preference, had come to prefer the term ‘connecting’ over networking. Unfortunately, networking, which ideally is simply learning to build relationships with people, has a negative connotation for many.

      One of the best things about my MBA program was the fact it was online. I suspect it may have similar benefits to your studying abroad… Online, there was a much greater mix of people from different creeds, regions, and professions, than a typical ‘ground’ school could provide. I wish you well in your own studies.

      Glad you liked the review,


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