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Who’s Doing It Right!
Who’s Doing It Right!

Who’s Doing It Right!

Periodically I am going to start highlighting the people I know or have met that I believe are doing it right! With so many items in our lives challenging us negatively, it is important to be reminded there are actually a lot of positives surrounding us. All we need to do is look.

Rob Pasick

Dr. Pasick organized CEO Connect as a means of bringing together area business and government leaders. The focus is on positive leadership. His latest book, “Balanced Leadership in Unbalanced Times,” underscores his efforts. You can learn more about Rob’s activities here.

Jeannine MacDonald

Ms. MacDonald is the proprietor of Lady Rebecca’s Choice, located in downtown Howell, Michigan. Jeannine is a strong supporter of local business, actively leading efforts to educate both the public as well as fellow merchants. Hat’s off to Jeannine! (Updated: Sadly, Jeannine has passed away, and her store with her.)

Scott Lorenz

Scott owns Westwind Communications, a Michigan public relations and marketing firm. He is also a licensed balloonist regularly seen flying over southern Michigan. Mr. Lorenz is one of the most supportive, creative, imaginative friends a person could have.

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