Date: June 22, 2009

Author: JT

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Ways To Build Trust

Last week, Seth Godin wrote an interesting post, “Two ways to build trust.” It’ll take you about 90 seconds to read and is worth the short trip over to read. The notion is simple: The people (or businesses) he chose to work with are straight-forward in their business, and their web sites reflect the same. In some ways, one might think these are also businesses that are hedgehog-like in their approach: we know our business (and keep it simple); we’re focused on our business (and not fox-like, busy trying umpteen ‘intriguing’ strategies); and we are (or can be) the best at it.

Developing your trust is a large part of why my blog exists. My business is helping yours with effective application of technology; I’m not all-over-the-map; and, as my recommendations on LinkedIn (for instance) attest, I’m good at it. I’ll prefer to let others decide whether I’m the best or not…let me just say working toward being ‘the best’ is a never-ending journey from my perspective.

So, if you have thoughts on my approach, comments on the site design (I’m considering refacing it sometime), feel free to leave a comment.

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