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Brownbag: The Search for Work
Brownbag: The Search for Work

Brownbag: The Search for Work

Thumbnail - The Search For WorkThursday (3/26/09), I presented, “The Search for Work,” sponsored by Ann Arbor SPARK.  The strong interest expressed afterward has been somewhat surprising.

Given the number of requests and general interest, I wanted to make the presentation easily available, and without concern for email limitations.

Please know I am pleased so many of you felt the information was of value, of interest, and just possibly added a bit of bounce to your step afterward.

Please, download a copy.  I encourage you to make use of it.  Share it with friends.  If you re-use it publicly, or as the basis of your own presentation (perhaps at church, social groups, etc.), simply acknowledge my contribution.

Future presentations are currently being scheduled.  Any input you have for improving the presentation are welcome.  Areas of particular interest may include:

  • Overall length (longer, shorter, just right)
  • New content
  • More/Less in a given area


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