Date: March 3, 2009

Author: JT

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What I've Read Lately: The Brand You 50

Recommended Reading:

“The Brand You 50”
by Tom Peters
ISBN: 0375407723

When you buy a car, all of a sudden it seems ‘everyone else’ has the same car. And so, working on my own re-branding in recent weeks, this book jumped out.

Tom Peters does not fail to deliver. Written in ’99, it’s as current as if written only 18 months ago. Peter’s approach is very direct, blunt with the reader, the way a good friend or mentor might be. He provides positive guidance (50 ways) to effectively brand yourself: Brand YOU!

If you’ve not yet effectively branded yourself, if you’ve not made it a structured process, you really should read this. If you’re an employee-thinking-about-being independent, then you REALLY should read this.

A nice bonus, at the end Tom provides a 2-page recommended reading list.

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