Date: March 2, 2009

Author: JT

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What I’ve Read Lately: Sense of Urgency

Recommended Reading:

Sense of Urgency “A Sense of Urgency”
by John P. Kotter
ISBN-13: 9781422179710

This is a 3/4 size hard cover book of ~200 pages. The book analyzes three typical states of performance in any organization, complacency, false sense of urgency, and true urgency. Of course, a state of ‘true’ urgency is desired.

This is one of those books where, you’ve likely heard, read,  and seen much of the content before  Having someone put it together in a fresh package, and do a review with you, isn’t a bad thing.

The book is as applicable for an individual as it is an organization.  Some of my favorite aspects, are how Kotter puts together specific examples where un-urgency may be found, serving to act as a spark for action on your own part–on either personal or professional levels.

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