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JT Pedersen

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JT Pedersen

JT Pedersen

Brewing 2015’s Tea Leaves Makes ’16 a Stiff Brew

In early December, many colleagues were focused on the end of the year, end of the quarter. There was angst because many customers seemed to be sitting on their hands, not spending end of year budget money, no longer returning calls.

The key may be as simple as looking at a larger picture, the global economy. Reading the tea leaves of global economic winds for a while, I decided to pen my own thoughts as to why I believe 2016 will be a bigger challenge than 2015.

What I’ve Read Lately: Brief

Less is more. Never has that been more true than in today’s world. The rate of change, demands for collaboration, social media’s ambient noise, all lay claims on our time. And, we haven’t even mentioned our family, friends, and folks in our ‘physical’ lives.

As a result, our attention spans seems to be ever-shorter. It’s a challenge, taking real effort at times to stay focused, to stay on-task. There are days I wonder whether I’m a grown adult suffering from an attention deficit disorder. With more of us expected to ‘collaborate’ at work, to perform in ‘matrixed’ environments, attention spans are under severe pressure.