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What I’ve Read Lately: ACTIONS Against Distractions

A few weeks ago, Geraldine Markel asked me to review her book. The focus, fighting distractions, is a war near and dear to me. I am constantly fighting it.

My review of ACTIONS, should help you determine it’s value for you, my reader. It can help uncover symptoms, consequences, as well as develop effective -actions- for dealing with them.

What Does Coaching Do for You?

Its one of those little unspoken secrets. It’s probably right up there with publicly discussion your salary, an ex-spouse, or venereal disease. Very few people publicly acknowledge making use of coaching.

My expectation is that many fear it will reflect negatively upon them. If you’re a senior leader, perhaps there is fear that to admit coaching is to admit a weakness. Of course, in highly competitive environments, such as in C-suite, it might also be viewed as a competitive secret!

What I’ve Read Lately: Why People Fail

Why People Fail is actually a twist on words. It could just as easily been titled along the lines of How to Be Successful. Siimon provides an easily read book that highlights 16 key points underlying how people set themselves up to fail.

Step by step, Siimon discusses ways readers can incrementally work to improve themselves, from self-image, through proper health and exercise, to rituals and persistence…to name a few.