Date: November 13, 2012

Author: JT

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Leading the Crusade: Against the Communication Monster

In many customer or client engagements, there lies a story, full of intrigue and mystery, set against a dark monster dwelling deep in their midst.

The telltales the monster lurks can be seen if you watch. Questions asked go unanswered, or the questions are short, clipped, halting. It’s clear the monster has a good grasp on it’s domain when…

Here’s How Public Speaking Rocks!

Absolutely! Being able to speak publicly can just rock.  I hear you groaning already. We’ve both heard, public speaking is Public Fear #1. #2, Death.  If you had to pick one over the other, would you really prefer to be, well, dead, instead of talking to your friends? Therein lies the real rub, doesn’t it?  When you think of public speaking, do you view it as speaking to your friends? …

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