How Your Three Competitive Levers Define You

There are three primary levers available to steer your product or service competitively. As a service business, they may be Cost, Offerings, and Service. True, whether your business is cutting hair; being a clown; or, making real estate photography images.

These three levers are often used to define the three corners of the Iron Triangle.

Date: December 4, 2013

Author: JT

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Are Your Windows Clean? Business Run Down?

Day-by-day we go to work, business proceeds as normal, and we go home. Tomorrow, we repeat. The day after, we repeat. Doing what is required but not the ‘extra’ little bit.

We tend to ignore the fact that every little bit counts. Why? Because it builds up over time.

Sticking to Your Knitting is Not Competitive

As we’re all aware, in today’s world simply sticking to your knitting is tantamount to a slow fall backward. Sticking to your knitting, may be viewed as staying the course and following a prescribed strategy. Yet I think ‘sticking to your knitting’ is in the process of being, well, redefined.

As I read through a number of articles and commentary this week, all coincidental in their timing, the notion of strategic development through experimentation came across loud and clear. …and it’s not just single-point success.