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JT Pedersen
Success Stories

Success Stories

Double-Digit Revenue Growth

As P&L Head for the DNA portfolio, led the team to realize 16% revenue growth year over year, with only 4% increase in cost.

Amidst the turmoil of an acquisition, consolidation, and multiple reorganizations, along with preparation to be acquired a second time inside 18 months, was still able to lead the team to realize nearly 10% revenue growth on 6% increase in costs the following year.

Global Technical Account Manager

As a Global Technical Account Manager, I successfully managed relationships between Ford organizations, multiple independent software vendors (ISV), and reseller partners, resulting in Ford’s selecting our products as the foundational component part of a global standard (PDLA).

Crisis Management

Led a team of 40, delivering a tactical, and strategic solution set to an ultimatum delivered by a major customer. The solution entailed technical analysis; business case development; negotiating senior management commitment to new strategic directions; and successful presentation to the customer’s senior management. The result was an 18-month acceleration of their deployment worth $1,800,000.

Joint Venture Assessment

A large global conglomerate approached us with a joint venture proposal. I was tapped to lead the 13 month process to assess the proposal and report back to senior management. The process required developing intimate knowledge of the conglomerate’s business processes; the disparate technical tools currently being applied; and, defining the desired outcome.

Network & Software Licensing

Software license model inflexibility posed an impediment to closing a global contract with a Fortune 100 business. I was a key driver in the contract negotiations, design, and implementation of Autodesk’s first Global Network User License model. This successful business model was instrumental in growing revenue within this one account to more than 4x in less than 3 years.

Memorandums, Letters of Intent…

Coopetition, where two competitors agree to cooperate in select market segments, is increasingly the norm. I have been the key driver behind coopetitive Memorandums of Understanding, from concept, through negotiation and implementation, to writing the actual press releases.

Business Development

Business development skills are evident in my having made business and/or complementary technology acquisition pitches to senior management. Doing so requires business development planning, market assessment, revenue projections, and cultural considerations.

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