Date: April 28, 2012

Author: JT


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Been Quiet Recently–Here’s Why

For the benefit of my regular readers I wanted to share why things were a bit quiet of late. The past couple weeks were spent preparing for a series of meetings in Denver, Colorado. Overall, the meetings were very productive and the trip worthwhile.

In some of my spare time, I took some pictures in the mountains to the west. For those not accustomed to the views, particularly my fellow flatlanders<g>, the scenery is simply spectacular.

Following are a few pictures for you.  [CLICK images for full-size versions]

jtpedersen Nederland Colorado Reservoir (480)

jtpedersen NW of Colorado Springs (4) 480

jtpedersen NW of Colorado Springs (5) 480

jtpedersen Platte River Road(2) 480

jtpedersen SW of Denver (2) 480

1 Response to “Been Quiet Recently–Here’s Why”

  • Andrew Stein April 29, 2012 at 6:23 pm

    Jeremiah Johnson: Just where is it I could find bear, beaver, and other critters worth cash money when skinned?
    Robidoux: Ride due west as the sun sets. Turn left at the Rocky Mountains.

    Bear Claw Chris Lapp: You’ve come far pilgrim.
    Jeremiah Johnson: Feels like far.
    Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Were it worth the trouble?
    Jeremiah Johnson: What trouble?

    Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Can you skin Griz?
    Jeremiah Johnson: I can skin’ em as fast as you can catch’ em.
    [Bear Claw runs through the cabin with a huge grizzly bear close behind and jumps out the back window]
    Bear Claw Chris Lapp: Skin that one, pilgrim, and I’ll get you another!

    Andrew: JT, rule number one…, go west, and never look back! avoid the “griz.”

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