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Park the Shiny Objects—Remember the Basics
Park the Shiny Objects—Remember the Basics

Park the Shiny Objects—Remember the Basics

shiny-jtpedersenEarlier this week, I had the opportunity to hear AJ Deeds (@MyLovingWorks) talk about content.  You know, the ‘stuff’ we have to spend time on, that acts like filler material, enabling us to use our shiny objects.

Or, have we let all the shiny objects out there distract us from what really matters: content.  Why do people come to visit you, your site, or your business?  Its not (really) because you’ve got a bunch of cool tools, your web app, your iApp, or some other shiny bauble.

People visit because they believe there’s value to be had.  There is an initial expectation that, if you know enough to put forward a cool iShiny tool, that there’s content giving it life, giving it power, giving it a reason to be, in the first place.

Don’t believe me?

If you have an iPhone or a cool new ‘droid you’re excited, right?  Now—turn it off.  How cool is it now?  It wasn’t cool just because it was shiny, looked nice and polished, with a dense feel of mass to it.  It was cool because it was all those things and offered the promise of so much more!

So, as you look at your next new product offering, be careful to remember shiny is cool, but content is king.

(photo credit: Agostino Martinelli)


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