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What I’ve Read Lately: Resonate
What I’ve Read Lately: Resonate

What I’ve Read Lately: Resonate

RESONATEResonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences
by: Nancy Duarte
ISBN: 978-0-470-63201-7

Resonate, as title suggests, is focused on creating presentations as stories that ‘resonate’ with their audience.

Nancy Duarte uses a number of case studies to emphasize her points.
It starts with look why resonance is importance; assessing the audience; defining the journey you’ll take them on; how to structure the presentation; and a host of related details.

This makes for a good complement to Garr Reynolds "Presentation Zen." However, while Garr’s is inspiring, refreshing, and a relatively easy read, Nancy’s "Resonate" requires more conscious thought to comprehend.

Resonate would make a good text as a stand-alone coursebook in a presentation class. It’s manner of presentation and illustration seems to have been laid out with that in mind, though I’ve not heard of anyone using it that way at this point.

Put Presentation Zen and Resonate together, and you’ve got the bulk of presentation creation in one place.


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