Date: October 28, 2009

Author: JT

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How Often Should You Tweet?

This is a question that shows up in discussion periodically. For moto-enthusiasts, it’s about the same as starting a discussion on tire pressures, what oil to use, how often to change it, and so on. There are countless answers, an endless number of experts to given them, yet they all fall short. The reason is that there is no absolute answer. It is akin to asking, “…what should be in my resume?” Once you’ve decided what it is you want to do, then what you put in the resume starts to speak for itself.

How often, or what, to tweet (or post status updates to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) becomes more clear once you have a purpose in mind. Initially, I spent a few months myself simply experimenting, exploring, and observing. After a while I decided on how to use it for my own purposes.

Here’s one example. A friend of mine is an AKC dog breeder. Talking about Twitter, he commented he’d tried it for a bit but quit. He didn’t see any value in it for him.

In the same conversation, he talked about how as each new litter of pups was about to become available, the amount of email inquiries he’d receive would sky rocket. He ended up giving potential customers guidance on how to craft ‘special’ email for him, so he’d find them as timing got more crucial.

After hearing this, I suggested he consider using Twitter again. He’d be able to mitigate a lot of his email traffic by simply posting status/progress updates. A lot of his email traffic surrounded how many puppies were expected to be born, how many fe/male, how they were doing each day (day 1, day 2, day 20, …, day 53). A lot were simply people ‘wanting to know more.’

In his case, it certainly seemed pretty clear how to help his clients. Use Twitter as a medium to broadcast more info. For you, for others, it may not seem quite so clear…but once you pick your reason, it -will- be easier and become more natural.

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