Date: October 5, 2009

Author: JT

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Why the Change?

‘Removing Technical Impediments to Business Success,’ has clearly represented what I do, for a long time. In many ways it still does. But over time my focus has become more business, more leadership oriented, leveraging my comfort with technology rather than focusing on it.

Today, I am pleased to re-launch my blog, and my brand, focusing on Thoughtful Business Leadership!

The decision to adjust my branding, how I represent myself to you, came after a number of conversations with friends and colleagues. In particular, I would like to thank Susanne C., Andrew Stein, Paul Chandler, and my wife, Kimberly. Each of them were immensely helpful.

There are a couple challenges with Removing Technical… First, it was too long. A shorter message, more easily remembered, and without any potential hidden meaning was needed. Second, ‘technical’ for many folks seems to equate directly to ‘IT.’ Depending on what ‘IT’ meant to someone, I might immediately become mentally pigeon-holed as a ‘network admin,’ a ‘DBA,’ or similar.

Let’s look at the three words briefly.

  • Thoughtful: Having intellectual depth; paying closing attention; considerate of feelings and well-being of others (above and below).
  • Business: Principal activity.
  • Leadership: Applying knowledge, wisdom, and common sense while influencing and motivating others.

So, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while (thank you), the general focus remains the same, the tagline’s simply more well-aligned.

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