Date: July 20, 2009

Author: JT

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Still Watching, Thinking, the ‘Wave

Somewhat abated, since its introduction a few weeks back now, Google Wave continues to generate discussion about just what it is. Andy Mulholland’s post over at Capgemini talks about this. Is it a new collaboration platform? Is it a new email solution? Is it a new photo gallery manager? Is it a new blogging alternative? Is it a new project management tool? Yes?

My initial thoughts are getting refined, but stay along the same path. ‘Wave is not a direct replacement for any one of the previously mentioned solutions. Not yet, anyway. I envision ‘Wave as an abstraction layer, much like a desktop, taking in various input sources and being a productive means of synthesis. It promises the ability to create a ‘whole’ from the collection of its parts. And, isn’t that what we’re after? How much more valuable might our work be, if we can easily pull it altogether, viewable in context, chronologically, completely?

If you’re a fan of Star Trek, I can’t help appreciating the analogy Google Wave represents, “You will be assimilated…resistance is futile.” ‘Wave will assimilate your disjointed inputs, pull it all together (synthesize), and create a functional document from it all (Borg). The nefarious Borg represent more of an ideal for a corporation: the more knowledge we capture; the more clearly we understand all the inputs; the easier it is for all participants to contribute; the more effective the organization effort will be, right?

The chief impediment to adoption, the biggest concern, remains security. As enthused as I am over ‘Wave’s potential I’m also concerned it may get passed by due to a lack of trust. Not so much ‘dis’trust, as a ‘lack’ thereof. If you’re running large IT projects for a financial institution, a medical entity, or other particularly security-conscious concern, what would it take for you to trust Google and ‘Wave?

What are your own thoughts?

This just in

“Concerns raised as LA looks to Google Web services” (Article moved.)

Just posted (July 17, 09)

This article, focused on City of LA using Google Apps, will prove among the first of many tests to the security concerns I point toward below…

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