Date: July 3, 2009

Author: JT

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Happy 4th of July, America!

Even with all our current challenges in the United States of America, we are still one of the most blessed, prosperous, positive, countries in the world. So, I wanted to remind everyone, using a few pictures, of just what a great country we have. The sheer diversity of what is available to us.

We have an incredible richness that I think, after listening to the daily onslaught of ‘noise’ in our lives, we tend to forget.

When was the last time you took a walk through the woods with family, friends, with yourself?

When was the last time you sat in the shade, on a cool stone wall, with a 10 of your friends…some you just met in the last hour?

Or, visited one of our many, incedibly beautiful, national parks? Were within 200 feet of some elk, just grazing through?

If you have time this summer, before the season passes, get out, go see an airshow or two. Let our men in uniform strut their stuff, help you remember what pride is, enjoy an example of your hard earned tax dollars at work. It’ll be at least one example you can be proud of.

Visit a state, other than yours. Visit a state a couple or two states away. Remember, you’re in America! Take some pictures. Come back with new memories.

We allow you to do these things? Yep. Take advantage of it. And remember it the next time you vote (we do that here, too), don’t let anyone con’ you out of your freedoms.

The memories range far, wide, and high…

We have grand bridges, beautiful views, spectacular scenery, lush foliage, and clean air. Avail yourself of all our country has to offer.


We are a nation! “…one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

The quiet majority knows, though many of the more outspoken among us forget:

We are a Christian nation. As a Christian nation, we are tolerant, forgiving, accepting, loving, and enjoy those among us who are not. Do not let anyone wipe away that which, first and foremost, gives us our strength, our courage, our sense of rightness—One Nation under God.

So, make sure you remember, think about going to church…better yet actually do so. For all our freedoms, only ~25% of Americans do so with any regularity. Have we forgotten so much?

Do not forget. We are the United States of America! And, we have the rights, the privileges, the opportunities given to us by those who earned it. Let’s not take for granted our continued right to exist. There are others who wish to earn what we have, to take it by force if they think the chance exists. Do not forsake their memories, their efforts, their love for our country.

But, let’s also not forget. We are celebrating the United States of America’s Independence. Celebrate it. Get out and enjoy it. Share it with those you love.

Regardless of your social, economic, religious, ethnic, or national affiliation please let me thank you for celebrating it with us.

In God We Trust,

J. T. Pedersen

8 Responses to “Happy 4th of July, America!”

  • Soren July 4, 2009 at 8:41 am

    This is a beautiful site. Can you make a profit doing these for other people or companies? Also we wish you and yours a HAPPY 4TH OF JULY.

    • JT July 7, 2009 at 1:26 pm

      Perhaps…I’ve had a number of people/businesses ask. Challenge is most are eager…until the next action item (i.e. ‘execute’) falls to them. Then, you wait…

      Thank you for the comments. I had/have been debating a site redesign…we’ll wait for a while.

  • Judi July 4, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    Very nice! Maybe your dad is right; maybe you can make some money doing this for other people/companies.

    • JT July 7, 2009 at 1:28 pm

      Hello Judi,
      Thank you for the comment. See comment I left for Soren.

  • Nabil Sater July 5, 2009 at 2:52 pm


    This is a real nice message / post. Thank you so much for sending it. I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July.


    • JT July 7, 2009 at 1:24 pm

      Good weekend. Thanks for your comment Nabil. Cheers:)

  • Faith Fuqua-Purvis July 15, 2009 at 7:45 am

    JT – Thanks for the reminder to all of us to value our nation. I did want to comment on something that while small, did bother me quite a bit.

    “We are a Christian nation. As a Christian nation, we are tolerant, forgiving, accepting, loving, and enjoy those among us who are not.”

    My view is that we are a Christian BASED Nation or a Nation FOUNDED by Christians. I personally avoid making statements that direct – that we are a “Christian Nation” even though that is the most predominant religion. We are a Blended Nation – a Nation where there is freedom to celebrate and express your personal religion, whether it is based on Christian, Jewish, Muslum, Buddist, New Age, The Great Spirit, Indian, or Athiest viewpoints.

    Your words while well intended can be taken negatively by those not of the Christian persuasion – that you “tolerate” other religions.

    I was raised in a VERY Christian family. My Father is now a minister (was a teacher while I was growing up) and my mother was Choir Director and Organist at a variety of churches. I’ve been exposed to a variety of “flavors” of Christianity and was at church multiple days a week when growing up.

    As I have personally explored religion over time, I have developed my own belief system and have asked these question:
    – Why cannot the individual various religions talk of simply be different faces of the same source?
    – Couldn’t Allah and God really be the same?
    – What do the religions really focus on at the base – without all the human interpretation over time?

    I’ve challenged my own thinking and asked some hard questions. Once you get to the fundamentals – past all the human interpretation, there are many of the same elements/beliefs. What if wars are simply fights over individual “flavors” of the same truths? Things that humans have valued vs. messages that have come from the Source of all of the various flavors?

    As I raise my children, I am intentionally not taking them to a church, but rather talking to them about the different religions and the belief system they are founded on. I do not want them to develop too much affinity for a particular viewpoint until they are able to individually challenge the thinking and decide for themselves.

    To me it is the precepts that are taught in relgious organizations that are what is important, not the flavor: respect, tolerance, do no harm, help others – that is what is important.

    Are we a Christian Nation, a Christian Founded Nation, or a Nation which where we “tolerate” or support and embrace all Religious systems, recognizing the freedom of choice? As the “Christian Movement” has strengthened I’ve actually seen less tolerance and have been greatly saddened by it.

    I ask not that you respond to this – simply that you pause for a moment to reflect upon the meaning of “tolerance” vs. “support” vs. “embrace” and what Freedom of Religion really is.

    P.S. Not too many women’s names in the Bible that my parents could choose from so I was named Faith. I do believe in having Faith.

  • JT July 16, 2009 at 1:20 pm

    Hello Faith,

    Thank you for the thoughtful response. Your comment on being a Christian, Christian-based, or blended nation are valid points for discussion. And, I would agree, on reflection, something better than ‘tolerate’ might have been used.

    It is tempting to write a longer response. In short, the U.S. is losing its way. It has lost sight of what it is, what it stands (stood?) for, and how to move forward. We need to find our footing again, restore our values, and move forward.

    In some ways, it feels we’re reliving the Carter-era days again. Only worse. Never thought I’d see the nation relive such a malaise again. We might want to start with realizing, we cannot please everyone, and that trying will simply leave us stuck in the mud, useless to all.

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