Date: June 26, 2009

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Are CEOs Like the Supreme Leader?

Right out of the real news:

  • Ayatollah says, ‘I’m following all of you on Twitter…’ Shows he’s following over 65 million people. Nice.
  • Ayatollah, Supreme Leader, says, “…Green avatars are the country’s greatest threat [ever].”
  • Iran decides to block unsupportive internet access (e.g. to Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

I’m sure I’m not the first to suggest services like Twitter (and more abstractly the ‘internet’) are fueling Iran’s revolution right now. It is interesting the ‘Supreme Leader’ is scared of a service like Twitter.

And, he should be scared.

Just like many CEOs are that just don’t get it. Much as Twitter is helping fuel a revolution in Iran, CEOs should be wondering what kind of revolutions are going on regarding their business that they’re not aware of. Don’t try to shut off or block selective internet properties blindly. Work with your teams to decide how to partner with them, work with them, to manage the revolution.

Perhaps the crux of the problem in Iran, whether there really are voting irregularities or not, is that Iran is mismanaging how transparent their ‘review’ process is. As Seth Godin points out in a recent post, “Magicians, sausage makers and transparency,” transparency is isn’t a moral right, it’s a business tactic, tool, and threat.

Some of the worst things you can do are ‘hide’, lash out, and be afraid ‘they’ know something you don’t. This is just one example of how change, especially technology-oriented change, is happening so fast a human can’t keep up with it. As a CEO or senior executive, work with your CTO, your technology leader, to make sure you’re not like other supreme leaders in the world.

Don’t be like Ayatollah and get caught with your pants down. Have somebody keep watch for you. And…make sure you know which side the fly’s facing<g>.

These tools are here. For those that ‘get it’, that use them, they’re exhilirating, engaging, enticing, and they’re hungry to share knowledge, to be of value.  Give them a reason to support you. Interact with them. Revel in them. They’re not against you…unless you give them reason (e.g. ignoring, dismissing them).  Use them as an asset to tell you what you don’t know.

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