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JT Pedersen


Extraordinary Results Call for Extraordinary Ideas, Plans, and Leadership

JT Thrives on simplifying complex issues to drive up profits

JT packs powerful insight with comprehensive knowledge and effective leadership skills to drive up profits and optimize productivity within complex industries. His highly-inventive approach to situation resolution and business processes leads to seamless plans, which he masterfully navigates and executes with extraordinary results – time and again.

“… JT is one of the most compelling Technical Managers I worked with. The challenges we faced, tackled and resolved in the automotive market were magnificent and ranged from simple technical hurdles to complex solutions integration and cross functional relationships… JT was excellent at managing the customers’ expectations and driving concerns and issues to successful conclusions…” ~ Nabil Sater, Enterprise Sales Executive II, EAI, UGS, EDS PLM, Siemens]

Instinctively, JT seamlessly integrates philosophy, analysis, research and resourcefulness to pioneer pathways to profits and improve productivity for businesses and their business units.

“JT is an incredible person to work with! He is talented, personable, detail oriented, creative, innovative, highly responsive, forward thinking and gets great results.” ~ Amy Cell, Senior Vice President, Michigan Economic Development Corporation]

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734 516 0139 | 720 440 2380.[/pullquote]Backed with an M.B.A. in Technology Management and a B.S. in Industrial Technology/CAD, JT brings over 25 years’ of inclusive experience to help your company achieve the seemingly unattainable.

Seize the Moment! While it’s fresh on your mind,

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Snapshot of JT’s Experience and Value

P&L Business Unit Development & Management

Enterprise Level Technology Platform Replacement

Operations Management

Resolving Complex Technical & Business Situations

Product Ownership

Integration & Execution of Inventive Solutions

Pricing Policies

Bridges Chasm Between Operations, Administration, Sales, & Tech Departments

Expert Liaison Between Third Party Organizations and Client/Business

Team Building

Dissolving Corporate Politic Issues

Clear and Motivating Communications


Market Sizing Assessments

Joint Venture & Acquisition Assessments

Business Process Development

Software Licensing

Business Process Evaluation & Resolution


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Engaging Public Speaking

JT has lead enlightening and entertaining live presentations to over 30 audiences since 2010 on topics including: technology, P&L, business, problem solving, career transition, and social media.

Call JT today to discuss how he can help your company, organization, or group with his engaging presentations, workshops, and keynotes.

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